Sunday, October 31, 2010

BOO-tiful Last Minute Jewelry Making with Kristal Wick

Every childhood Halloween costume had to look good with snow boots. Growing up in Minnesota was a serious drama every year for many, but in particular, one young girl who ALWAYS wanted to be a ballerina (moi'). Of course, the big, clunky snow boots completely wrecked that delicate, wispy, romantic alter ego each and every October 31, but at least I never caught a cold! I've since gotten over it (mostly), and now focus on creating snazzy costumes for my four-legged kids (see below).

I'm sure you all have your costumes ready for trick-or-treating with the kids. Or perhaps you're off to a swanky Halloween bash, you may even be staying home to hand out the candy. In any case, most of life's events simply aren't complete in my book without baubles. So I've selected a few of my faves from Stringing Style and Stringing Style 2, and matched them with costume ideas to share with you. All of these are pretty darn quick and you can whip one up in a few short hours, so let's get going! Read more . . .

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