Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's all about the BLING baby...

OK kids, I’m coming up for air….

I am honored to be invited by Swarovski as one of the designers featured in their “Inspiration” book coming out next year. The book and the bling-tacular collection goes on a world wide tour from Paris to Thailand for the next 2 years! I submitted 6 designs to them and the board was split on their favs, one group wanted my lamp, the other group wanted one of my necklaces, so they compromised and I’m creating a lamp with my necklace design as the trim! Takes wearing the lampshade at a party to new heights, don’t you think?!!! It’s a wonderfully challenging endeavor I'm diving deep into these days with little time to come up for a breath. Here’s a picture of the thousands of crystal and pearl bling that will be on the lampshade trim (please don your sunglasses before viewing the photo)! I always feel like a kid in an eye candy store when a box of Swarovski crystals shows up at my door!

I wanted to share the joy with you all….

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bead & Button Show

Back from Milwaukee and the biggest bead show in the world, Bead & Button. I was honored to be a finalist in the Bead Dreams competition with my “Tribal Odyssey” necklace featuring over 200 Sassy Silkies and 1800 Swarovski crystals and pearls!

I taught 2 classes and demoed for Swarovski. It was a FAB time and I thank all my students, especially the brave souls who showed up for my 9am Sun. morning “Church of the Creative Soul” Modern Vintage class! My favorite event was Meet the Teacher’s – such fun to chat with those of you I see so infrequently. Save your pennies kids and plan on coming next summer!