Thursday, March 27, 2008


OK, OK, so are we all traveling at some strange accelerated time warp speed or is it just me? These days just fly by!

My hubby, James, and I had a lovely vacation in Puerto Rico (thanks Ellen!) and spent some fab time snorkeling, swimming, gambling and just chilling out! I had a huge AHA moment when I realized this is what a “real” vacation feels like! We hadn’t gone on a real vacation for years, usually tacking on a few days here and there to one of my shows or a convention. That’s fun but not the same as a “real” vacation where the most difficult decision of the day is where to dine that evening-halibut or steak! Of course this vacation was extra special in that Ellen paid for it! I highly recommend a few vacations a year and double that amount if they’re paid for!

I’m buried in bead designs and MAJOR bling these days preparing for classes and a few competitions! Since time is at a premium I try to stretch it as much as humanly possible so I give my brain permission every bedtime to work on new designs while I’m asleep AND that I’ll remember these designs upon waking up completely refreshed (this part is really important!). What fun! I jump out of bed almost every morning and sketch away with my coffee. That’s one of my favorite things about being a designer, creativity can come at any time and I allow the flood gates to remain open. Now, sometimes that means the creativity flooding occurs at the most obscure times and a notebook is close at hand everywhere I go (I use extra caution when driving!). I invite you all to try the dreamtime creativity “invitation” while you’re drifting off to sleep. Talk about multi-tasking…

Well fellow blingsters, enjoy the springtime and go make fun stuff!