Sunday, November 11, 2007



I just returned from the biggest quilt festival in the world! Houston, TX was the destination of over 50,000 quilter busily shopping, taking classes and just getting overwhelmingly inspired. I taught 4 classes and 2 demos to over 500 quilters! Embellishments rule at this show and it's apparent with over 2200 booths selling bling baubles and other fun goodies. The competition fashion show was the most spectacular I've seen in fashion wearables with Swarovski bling and beads on 99% of the creations! This is good news for us Bling-Babes! An abundance of pearls, crystals and beads embellished many of the award winning quilts as well. Not your gramma's quilts anymore, the art quilts took my breath away; a mixed media maven’s paradise! I'll be teaching my Sassy Silky secrets at next years' show so save up your pennies and plan for Houston 2008!

CREATE your STYLE™ with CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements Class Registration

I am honored once again to be teaching 3 classes for Swarovski in Tucson February 2008. Visit the Swarovski website to register, class space is VERY limited!


Check out Lark’s new books Beading with Crystals and Beading with Charms. I have a project in each of them and I know you’ll feel inspired leafing through each page, I sure did! Order online or from your favorite shop.


The new season of BB&J is just beginning to air on PBS. We taped some really fun projects for you all; guaranteed to inspire and show you some fun new ways to make your own beady creations. I appear in shows #702, #704, #710, and #713 so check out your local PBS station for air dates and times.


HA! I've been having fun writing my first book with Interweave Press for the past 6 months now, time for a new level of fun! My 4 day photo shoot for the book is next week and I'm running around with that deer-in-the-headlights-gotta-deadline-looming look (anyone know what I mean or is it just me?!). Seriously, this project has been a blast and I can't wait for you all to see these new bead creations and teach them next year. I hear a leather bead whispering "I'm ready for my close up now Mr. DeMille".


Wishing you all that last luscious crunchy shuffle through the falling leaves. Enjoy the fall color palettes and smells!

P.S. Just had my first eggnog latte from the big S….the holidays are here gang, go make fun stuff…Mmmmmmm….

Friday, October 19, 2007

Lovely October

What an exciting week! The trees are turning my most favorite colors AND there’s more chocolate on the market at this time of the year than any other thanks to Halloween! What could be better?

I am teaching 3 classes for Swarovski next year. Here’s the PDF workshop catalog:
Here’s their website:
If you haven’t been to Tucson, it’s a top 10 MUST-See before ya die event!
Loads of gems and jewels as well as 5 beads shows hit this town in Feb! Strolling through the Swarovski gallery is well worth the trip alone but I gotta say their workshops rock!

I am honored to be featured in the new issue of BA
I discuss The Art & Business of Beads & Baubles. I have been inspired by this magazine since I created my first fruit loop necklace and it’s a thrill to be a part of their beautiful publication.

Some very fun prep work going on in my studio for the big Quilt Festival in Houston next month!
I have been snipping silks, bagging bling and fondling fiber getting the kits ready for my classes and WOW are my students in for a BLAST! I can’t wait for the event and love every minute spent with the Quilting Crowd. Still a few spots left in my classes; check out my website for pretty pictures:

Guess I live too close to Boulder, the fall makes me want to hug a tree! Remember the smell and feel of the air in the fall when we were kids? I grew up in the Midwest so those Minnesota falls had some of the most beautiful color combinations I’ve ever seen. Here in Colorado we get that golden aspen glow with a touch of red here and there, but none of it compares to those New England falls! WOW, I miss living in Boston and taking road trips to Vermont- they were the BEST! Every year at this time I crave a “leaf peeping” trip in that corner of the world. Maybe next year!
What are your fondest childhood fall memories?


Creatively Kristal

Go Rockies!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Fall!

OK, so my intentions were good...(you all know what I mean on this one, huh?). I MEANT to blog days ago but life kept getting in the way! Days are filled to the brim with preparing for the photo shoot of all the lovlies for my new book. The shoot will take 4 days. WHEW! Every time I think I'm done with a bead, that little voice inside (not sure if it's an angel or the other guy with horns) says, "but what if you did it like this...or that or in a different color...bla...bla...bla?". Then I have to make just one more sample....Ahhhhhhh, the never ending story of divine inspiration and fabric beads!

I'm also getting ready for the big Quilt show in Houston. It's one of my favorites and I'll be teaching 4 classes and 2 samplers this year with NO booth (my hubby is so very happy about this). I'm introducing brand new foiled and textures Sassy Silks (12x12 and 6x6) so you can make purses, pillows, embellish your scrapbooks or collage with them. They are too much fun to make and quite addictive! If there's any left after Houston, I'll put them up on my website. For any of you who will be travelling to the Quilt show, I apologize for no booth this year but if you'd like to purchase any of my silks or Sassy Silkies, I will have a limited supply in my classrooms for sale at the end of my classes so you can poke your head in and see if there's anything you can't live without!

I was sewing with my girlfriend Karen the other day (truth is SHE was sewing, I was playing with her 4 month old golden retriever and new baby kitty). Out of nowhere Hojo, her 20 year old cat, jumped up onto our sewing table and firmly planted herself on the pile of Sassy Silks we were working with. Karen informed me she is totally obsessed with my Sassy Silks and comes running into the room any time Karen brings them out! She insists on sitting right in the middle of them and purrs contently. Karen has to keep them put away in a closet! It was hysterical and probably the best review to date on my Sassy Silks; they're now paws up officially "Kitty Approved"!

Well Blingsters, off for a beautiful fall filled walk with my pooches. Enjoy the fall colors, smells and keep on creating!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Greetings fellow Blingsters!
My first blog is a momentous occasion, let’s cling our glasses and cheer (it counts even if your glass is filled with orange juice!). I have been encouraged for many moons now to create a blog so I can fill y’all in. Katie Hacker (, great beading queen, author, TV celeb and friend wins the MEA (Most Encouragement Award). I’ll be sending her plastic…er, ah, I mean lovely priceless bronze award statue in the mail this week! LOL!

Welcome all and thanks for reading. I plan on blogging every week although if there’s any major excitement or I win the lottery, it may be longer between blogs!

I just returned from my first ever author sabbatical! I am under contract with Interweave Press ( for my first ever glossy paged book (the first book I wrote, Sassy Silky Savvy, did NOT have glossy pages). I am more than excited about this new book which will be launched fall 2008. I will be divulging ALL my Sassy Silky secrets along with 29 new fabric beads created just for YOU my dear Blingsters. Some are shiney, some are leathery, some are vintage and everything in between. My book will include all the steps and real purdy pictures too! Swarovski ( is co-sponsoring my book so you can be sure there will be plenty of bling. Anyhoo, I got to spend a week on my beloved Lake Minnetonka, MN where I grew up. My second family was gracious enough to let me stay in their fabulous home if I took care of Dave the cat. Such a deal I said! Thanks so much Jan & John for sharing your peaceful abode with me, it was so healing for my soul and I feel like a newly refreshed artesian once again; bursting at the seams with abounding creativity! Plus the book is almost done thanks to Dave the cat! Meow…

I will be speaking at the Sept. meeting for the Denver chapter of the American Sewing Guild ( this Saturday. I’m looking forward to meeting some new sewing sisters and hope they have cookies! I do quite a bit of speaking and teaching for clubs and guilds all over the country. Let me know if you’d like a visit!

I’ve been busy preparing for the most-stupendous-fabulous-overwhelming quilt show in the country, the International Quilt Festival ( in Houston October. I’m teaching 4 classes and doing 2 Samplers (already sold out). See my website for class pictures and information ( Still a few spots left but these classes will sell out before the show starts so if ya want em’ grab em!

I was recently invited to teach on the Princess Cruise Lines ( next year. Should I confess to packing already? Shhhhh, don’t tell…
I will be teaching jewelry classes on board while we’re at sea. Hmmmmm where shall we go? I am mainly concerned with the whole bathing suit situation (ladies can I hear an AMEN on this?). I am requesting from you dear Blingsters your most creative diet. Send them to me through my website: and the top 5 winners get FREE goodies (could be finished jewelry, Sassy Silkes, my book, etc.). Help me help YOU!

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert ( I am almost done with this luscious book so don’t tell me the end if ya know it! I just gotta share with you all how WONDERFUL this book is. I can almost taste the pasteries she devours in Italy! Thanks Elizabeth for a phenomenal experiential journey that was a large part of refreshing this artist’s heart & soul!