Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Summer or is it still Winter?

We all (Sage, Gaia and hubby James) just went to spectacular El Dorado Springs Canyon for a summer hike. For some reason I find it’s easy to forget I live in a postcard! With constant deadlines looming and the simple stress of daily life, I forget to stop and smell the roses (or rocks in this case). These pics are 15 minutes from my home and I haven’t even doctored them up with Photoshop (I swear). Of course we’re headed for a storm tomorrow but isn’t that the way life works?

I find living in the foothills of Colorful Colorado such an inspiration in my designs. Nature is certainly the all-time-best-number-1 color pallet! Just look at the color variations of the rocks in these pics! I can’t wait to create my own version in a necklace or bracelet. I find Mother Nature puts colors together I wouldn’t dare…and they work every time!
So, my inspirational "dare ya” dare of the day, gentle blinksters is this:
What completely new color pallet can you use in your next creation - totally inspired by nature? What elements in nature flip your switch, trip your trigger?

Go outside your box kiddos! S - T- R- E - T- C - H ... You might like it….

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Visit my new etsy shop!

I recently opened my new shop at etsy. Instead of a brick and mortar shop, I decided to reach a world wide cyber audience. For those of you who aren't familiar with etsy.com it's quite the rage! It's a great website with ONLY handcrafted goodies for sale. From cookies to dog collars, it's a wonderful way to buy quality hand crafted items.

I have some great Mom’s Day jewelry, be sure to browse!