Wednesday, August 20, 2008

YIPEEEE! Tomorrow is Christmas!

Don’t panic, it’s not really December…You still have 126 shopping days left (now THAT’S frightening!). I just heard from my publisher advance copies of my new book, FABUOUS FABRIC BEADS, arrived today and they’re going to overnight a copy to me! It will be Christmas in my house tomorrow! I wonder if I have time to make eggnog…

I am thrilled beyond belief about my new baby. Since I didn’t choose to have any human kids, I have puppies and books!
You can pre-order FABUOUS FABRIC BEADS from my website:
It’ll be shipping in October, just in time to make some FUN holiday gifts for your family and friends!
Tomorrow will be a major milestone in my life-seeing my book for the first time! Once again I am the poster child for living a successful life full of intention and dreams (Oh, and a whole bunch of hard work). All of my dreams haven’t come true yet and some might argue with me on my definition of “success” but I am deeply grateful for the abundant creative life I live. The hurdles HUGE, the rewards even bigger! So don’t forget to dream my fellow blingsters! They do come true!

I wonder how I’m going to sleep tonight….