Tuesday, February 16, 2010


While in Tucson last week, the Swarovski Austrian team gave us Create Your Style with Crystallized Swarovski Elements Ambassadors a lovely soiree with champaign, munchies and a presentatin of the new colors and shapes soon to come! I want to share a bit with you...what do YOU think?

Fern Green
The new CRYSTALLIZED™ fern green is a mix between the popular Swarovski colors peridot and emerald. I felt this new green a very lush rich grassy color, quite intense-a little goes a long way... sheer elegance

Provence Lavender
Named after the Lavender Fields of Provence, France, this is one of my new favorites! There's a slight blue undertone which gives this beauty a stunningly addictive result for this Bling-Babe. 

Crystal Lavender Pearl
I love mixing pearls with the crystals and this shade is a perfect addition! The irridescent sheen of lavender seems to glow blending well with the brilliance of the crystals adding another layer of texture to our creations. 

otally love the new Artemis shape and can't wait to work with the new ceramic beads, pendants and stones. The Ginko and Lotus Pendants ROCK! 

Check out the INM Crystal blog for pics:

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Peggy Sturman said...

You remind me of what we were shown and what's to come! Can't wait to see your work with them!