Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kristal Wick’s Picks is Back!

One of my fave things to write about when I was the Editor of BeadingDaily.com was sharing special finds, tips, and secret stuff with all my bead peeps! After quite a few inquiries in the past weeks I’ve decided to continue with this tradition. I’ll include all things beady (of course) and spice it up with more interesting tidbits of information and give-aways! What are your faves? Post your thoughts here and win some GREAT goodies from my private stash and my fave beady folks!


Yours truely! http://www.interweavestore.com/Beading/DVDs-Videos/Mixed-Media-Beaded-Bracelets-with-Fiber-Beads-Crystals-Resin-and-Wire-DVD.html

My fabric beads-Batik Beauties and Sassy Silkies (duh!) from Art Beads




Ellen Medlock’s fabric delights


FAVE GIFTS For foodies: Sharon O’Conner’s Menus and Music http://www.menusandmusic.com/

For Beadies: Gift Certificates from FMG http://www.firemountaingems.com/giftcertificates/default.asp?s.evps=gift+certificate

While beading: James Taylor’s “Long Ago And Far Away”

While quilting: “Chocolate Bliss” http://www.menusandmusic.com/010MC.html

While eating ice cream: K.D. Lang’s “Sugar Buzz”

While cleaning my studio: Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” (since I was born messy)

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Here’s a sneak peek at my whirlwind trip to NYC to be at the Martha Stewart show! Martha’s producers called my dear friend Linda Hartung (www.WireLace.com) last week to let her know they were creating a necklace with her project for Martha to do on the show. Linda invited me to come along for the great adventure!

I was lucky enough to sit in the front row of the audience and have a few moments to chat with Martha.

More about my great adventures with Martha in the big apple coming soon….

We were so lucky to have a meeting with Martha’s craft gurus in their “craft room” yesterday. They call is a craft room, I call it craft heaven! Martha Stewart-organized with everything you could possibly need clearly labeled. Come take a peek with me!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flannel Snowmen and Holiday Jewelry Making

One of my fave winter traditions is donning my snowman flannel sheets on the bed. Call me crazy, but I love winter and snowmen! Of course Mother Nature isn't cooperating with 70 degree weather today in lovely Colorado, but my snowman ritual reminds me to get moving on my handcrafted jewelry gifts, even with a heat wave! Here's Sparkle and Bling "helping" me put on the sheets (NOT).

Inspired by these cute snowmen, I just have to sneak in a few winter jewelry projects today, maybe some snowmen earrings?

What holiday gifts are you working on this weekend?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

BOO-tiful Last Minute Jewelry Making with Kristal Wick

Every childhood Halloween costume had to look good with snow boots. Growing up in Minnesota was a serious drama every year for many, but in particular, one young girl who ALWAYS wanted to be a ballerina (moi'). Of course, the big, clunky snow boots completely wrecked that delicate, wispy, romantic alter ego each and every October 31, but at least I never caught a cold! I've since gotten over it (mostly), and now focus on creating snazzy costumes for my four-legged kids (see below).

I'm sure you all have your costumes ready for trick-or-treating with the kids. Or perhaps you're off to a swanky Halloween bash, you may even be staying home to hand out the candy. In any case, most of life's events simply aren't complete in my book without baubles. So I've selected a few of my faves from Stringing Style and Stringing Style 2, and matched them with costume ideas to share with you. All of these are pretty darn quick and you can whip one up in a few short hours, so let's get going! Read more . . .

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drum roll please.....

I am the new Beading Daily Editor!

So excited to be part of the Interweave team once again! They did such a great job with my book, Fabulous Fabric Beads, I decided to go work for them!
Yippeee, yahooo!

Go check it out and sign up. It's FREEEEEEEEE!

Friday, May 14, 2010




#1 Textile Arts

#2 Needlework & Decorating (Martha and Paula Deen are #1) What great company, huh?!

#3 Jewelry & Beadwork on Amazon today!

I'm thrilled! To celebrate, I'll send you some Sassy Silky beads if you write a review of my book on Amazon (only if you like it, duh!).

Send me your review after it's posted to Amazon and snail mail address: http://www.kristalwick.com/

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love Mindy's Needlepoint Factory

One of my favorite thrills is to see where my babies, Sassy Silkies-handpainted silk beads, journey takes them. One of my goals in inventing and releasing these babies into the world is to watch them cross over into my fav mediums-jewelry, fiber, fabric and mixed media. 
Check out one of my top picks, Mindy and her FAB website/store in Eugene, Oregon combining my Sassy Silkies with her original needlepoint kits available at Mindy's Needlepoint Factory.
LOVE them!!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


While in Tucson last week, the Swarovski Austrian team gave us Create Your Style with Crystallized Swarovski Elements Ambassadors a lovely soiree with champaign, munchies and a presentatin of the new colors and shapes soon to come! I want to share a bit with you...what do YOU think?

Fern Green
The new CRYSTALLIZED™ fern green is a mix between the popular Swarovski colors peridot and emerald. I felt this new green a very lush rich grassy color, quite intense-a little goes a long way... sheer elegance

Provence Lavender
Named after the Lavender Fields of Provence, France, this is one of my new favorites! There's a slight blue undertone which gives this beauty a stunningly addictive result for this Bling-Babe. 

Crystal Lavender Pearl
I love mixing pearls with the crystals and this shade is a perfect addition! The irridescent sheen of lavender seems to glow blending well with the brilliance of the crystals adding another layer of texture to our creations. 

otally love the new Artemis shape and can't wait to work with the new ceramic beads, pendants and stones. The Ginko and Lotus Pendants ROCK! 

Check out the INM Crystal blog for pics:

Thursday, February 11, 2010


What a whirlwind of fun, classes, beads, baubles, friends, rocks and gems!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Viva Mexicana!

New Tierra Cast charms being launched in Tucson! I love these guys and use their findings frequently in my bauble creations!
Love these new babies, can't wait to play with them!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beads Baubles & Jewels for your TV viewing

Catch this great series on PBS. I've had the pleasure of appearing on the show a number of times and always have a ball with Katina and the crew. 

I have 3 appearances in the 1000 series so check the website for your local PBS listings and times:

#1009 Resin Seed Bead Necklace
#1001 Resin Fabric Bracelet 
           Secrets of Fabric Beads Interview

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello Mickey, California here I come…

It’s time for the big CHA show with some exciting news!
I am launching a BRAND NEW toggle line! A dozen vintage looking beauties near and dear to my heart are now available for YOU to use in your jewelry masterpieces! Can’t wait to show you pics (after CHA)!
Also a bakers dozen new Sa
ssy Silky beads! Pet paws and words are in my new Inspirations bead line. 

Come see at the JHB Designer Booth #3131 CHA next week! I’ve listed my CHA schedule below, stop by for a big ol’ blingy hug!
CHA Craft Supershow - open to the public Friday January 22 - Saturday January 23. 
Come and make a FREE funky Batik Beauty cell phone charm with me at the Michael’s Booth #423 

Sat. 12-2pm. Take a peek at the actual projects from my book at my book signing for FABULOUS FABRIC BEADS! First 25 folks in line get a FREE book! Celebrity CafĂ© B
ooth #821 Sat. 3-4pm.

Fab Fab Beads are well....FAB!

My lovely book is in the top #20 bestsellers on Amazon in 3 different catagories AGAIN!

I am sooooooooooooooooooo excited! I really loved writing this book!

Get your signed copy from me at http://www.kristalwick.com/

Amazon.com Sales Rank: #33,555 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

#15 in Books > Home & Garden > Crafts & Hobbies > Decorating
#16 in Books > Home & Garden > Crafts & Hobbies > Beadwork
#19 in Books > Home & Garden > Crafts & Hobbies > Needlework

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Come play with me in Tucson!
I'm teaching this FAB class at the Create Your Style with Crystallized Swarovski Elements showroom Feb. 3
My inspiration for this piece was a trip I took with my BFF to Martinique and fell in love with the place (who wouldn't???). My necklace is loaded with Swarovski bling and my Batik Beauty beads. 
Can't wait!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bangle Bracelet Bling!

I’m so excited to be giving small workshops in my private studio overlooking the Colorado mountain range with a crackling fire, a glass of vino or coffee (depends on the time of day!) and some goodies to munch on while we explore my techniques and projects. Here’s the Bangle Bracelet Bling class I’m giving this Sunday 12:30-2pm. We start with Ellen Medlock's wonderful bracelet blanks (http://www.ellenmedlock.com/), add splashes of fabric, fiber and a bit of bling. Very fun...Come play!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Open Studio!

OK kids, the studio is all cleaned up, fire going, brisk outside, handmade chocolate fills the air and baubles and gift abound for your shopping pleasure! It’s my favorite holiday event, my Open Studio! This Friday and Saturday, Dec.4, 5 and Dec. 11 & 12 we’re having quite the soiree! Fridays 4-8 wine sipping and chocolate munching, Saturdays 10-4 lots of fun free demos given by myself and my BFF Karen, the CMQ (Chocolate Making Queen). There’ll be pottery, jewelry, silk scarves and my new “Mommy & Me” pet jewelry sets. Swing by for a cup of good cheer and chuckles! Contact me for my Colorado studio address via email: Kristal@KristalWick.com or 303.667.9573.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My great peeps at Rings and Things sent me a goodie bag full of lovelies to play with…I just HAD to show you all as these cuties are sure to get you in the mood to make your own holiday gifts! Always inspired by the holiday season, I giggled over these cute holiday lamp work glass beads, the penguin was my fav (http://shop.rings-things.com/cart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=230&idproduct=21236) with the snowmen (http://shop.rings-things.com/cart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=230&idproduct=21237) a close second! I used a new gunmetal chain with some cool textured close links; added my red and green Batik Beauty fabric beads (http://www.kristalwick.com/) with a splash of CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements (http://shop.rings-things.com/cart/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=15) . Finished it up with a magnetic clasp and call it "Where's the Snow".
Now the hardest part is deciding which gal pal gets this treasure in her stocking!

Today I'm a DIVA!

I had the best time with Craft Diva™ Danielle Forsgren and The Duke of Crafts,
Rayme Royale today as I was the guest on their show on Diva Craft Lounge http://www.divacraftlounge.com.

We laughed a whole bunch and had a virtual party chating about crafting. Check it out!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


What can I say about this FAB event? It was a riot! A whirlwind of activites, crafty folks, cupcakes and make& takes! A picture is worth a thousand words so take a peek at my great adventures...

First stop, a video taping for Michael's website with the delightfully entertaining Jo Pearson. Here I am with Lisa Pavelka and Jo setting up and drinking coffee before the doors open, the crowds trample in and live taping begins.

The lull before the storm...
The crew getting the "studio" set up for Michael's tapings.

Lisa Lambright dreaming of her own TV show...

Making sure everything is ready for the camera...

Hooking my microphone up and trying not to giggle...that tickles!

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Is the camera working???!

More than loads of laughs with these two...

That's a wrap!

Our lovely fans with questions, comments & many hugs. Love you guys, thanks for stopping by!

Next stop - teaching a couple cell phone charm Make & Takes for Michael's.

One of the highlights was meeting and chatting with Mary Engelbreit!

Such an inspirational icon in my life (also VERY cool she loved my book!).

One of my favorite things in life is to hear my mentors' stories...they all have such fascinating backgrounds and it's exciting to hear some of the secrets of what makes them tick...

Thanks Mary, what a pleasure!

Next stop, a testimonial filming for Ott Lights (which I use every day in my studio and LOVE!).

No time for rest...onto my book signing at the Crafty Cafe.

Sooooo fun chatting about my book, quilts, jewelry, everything bling!

Here are some of my crafty celeb pals...

Matt Fox & Shari Hiller

The famous AND infamous Margot Potter...

Clay queen Lisa Pavelka and glam Jill McKay

The Chic Crafty Chica and rockin' daughter Maya

Mega talents Claudine Hellmuth & Candi Cooper

Never met a cupcake I didn't like...or two, or three or...